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showusastory's Journal

Stay Awhile and Listen
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A community entirely dedicated to the art of storyelling. Accepts original and fan work. All media.
Hello! Welcome to our story telling community~
Here, we all like to tell and to listen to stories! If you enjoy stories, too, join us.

What will you find here? You could find a video going through the busy life of a businessman, and how he handles the joining of his enterprise with a bigger one; all the while dating his young girlfriend and fighting his ex-wife to be able to see his kids.

Or you might find a series of comic strips, in which a bright and curious young woman -- that came from another planet! -- can be seen in her adventures of exploring Earth, and all its peculiarities. Laser weapons, deadly rocks, and rock-headed young men cross her path as she tries to understand what it is to be a human!

Maybe you will find instead a long-winded written story of a youth; while he travels distant lands in search of the scepter that will bring him power to calm down the mighty dragons, and once more bring peace to the kingdom of his beloved princess.

This community is dedicated to story telling of all forms, about all kinds of things -- and, of course, we also welcome homages to known (or not yet so known) story tellers; as long as you will tell us who they are, and where to find their original story.

Be nice to others, and have fun! We all tell stories here in a way or another, and I'm sure many will like to hear yours. ^^

Rules -

1) Be polite. Don't curse or swear out of anger. Don't be racist, sexist, ageist, ect.
2) No flames. Be constructive in your criticism. If you don't want even constructive criticism make a note on your entry.
3) The Mod's word is final. If you have issues with their judgement, PM them or the Administrator. Don't start an argument in the comments.
4) Tag all your entries. We want people to be able to find everything quickly and efficiently.
5) Fill out the submission form thoroughly. Make sure you put any warnings, spoilers, pairings, or other things that people might find offensive or just not want to read so that people don't end up with it on accident.
6) Cut all the media. Without exception. Keep our comm neat and clean. The submission form and any additional information should be the only thing you see from your friend page.
7) Your own work only. Fanfiction is both allowed and welcome, but make sure YOU wrote, animated, or otherwise created the work being displayed, even if the characters are someone else's. Make sure you credit people involved and specify who the original author is.

Submission form -


Example -

Title: Certificate
Fandom: Original
Media: Writing
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Humor
Spoilers: None
Warnings: Slash
Pairings: OC/OC
Other: Don't read while drinking or eating.
Summary: Someone is a little too fond of randomness.

Group description by zelda_hime_chan, rules and submission form by witch_of_the_si.