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Stay Awhile and Listen
I has SE fanfiction, yes I do~ 
14th-Apr-2010 11:22 pm
I has Soul Eater fanfiction. WHOO!

Title: Polyamorous
Fandom: Soul Eater
Media: Writing
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Romance/Poetry
Spoilers: None yet
Warnings: yaoi/male gay love, mentions of sex, vague sex scenes, threesome/polyamorous relationship
Pairings: SoulxMakaxKid, TsubakixBlack Star, Other pairings pending
Other: Don't like it, don't read; please keep negativity to yourself. :P
Summary: High school AU. Maka Albarn is best friends with Aiden Black, who she calls Death the Kid. Their world is turned upside down as they meet the cool and charming Solomon Evans. Having two people to love is easy, right? No, it's a struggle. Entirely told in poetry form.
Chapters: Five/? - more to come (not sure how many this'll be, yet)

Chapter 1: TRIO

young people
struggling with
the opinions of their


hearts beating
for the best life can offer
and the potential
that they have.


lives that
crash together and sing
in a resonance
of melody.


pieces of a
whole jigsaw puzzle
that are built to
complete each other.


Chapter 2:

together in a
woven braid
with your school peers.

The rules of social ladder,
the status of
and "what happened at that party last night"
rules all.
It's high school.

And sometimes,
you can't see the
giant mistakes
and the
giant benefits
you make
and have
when you're

And sometimes,
the mistakes turn out to be
the right thing.

Chapter 3: Maka - PRETTY BOYS

were never really
my style. Or any

boys, for that matter.
Mostly, I like to focus
on school.

That's me. Maka Albarn,
the perfect student and
the popular girl. Sometimes,
my best friend and I joke
about it. The pretty, popular
straight-A student, and the
weird, nerdy goth boy.

I've known Aiden since
he and I were in first grade.
I'm the only one who calls
him Death the Kid, or just
Kid, for short. It's an inside
joke. Ya see, he's gothic.

Aiden Black, the odd kid
who talks about dead things.
He did it even in first grade.
Everyone thought he was
weird, but really, what is

Hey, Kitten. He leans against
my locker, casual as ever, I heard
that Black Star and Tsubaki got
into trouble last night.

I nod, Yes. I had to cover for
them. I heard that Kuroi is charged
with underage drinking

Kid sighs, and rolls his
eyes, Goes to show just how
much trouble he really gets
himself into.

Kid has a habit of giving
his friends nicknames. I'm
Kitten. Kuroi is Black Star.
Tsubaki has none. She asked
not to have one.

Mostly, Aiden is like
a soft smile, and
gentle tilt of the head. He's
very sweet, and is
popular for that reason.

A lot of girls
seem to like him, but he
has never shown
much interest. He says
he's waiting for
the right girl. I wonder
what he means.

Today, we have a test.
I hope I do well.
Nothing less is
expected of the smart
and talented Maka Albarn.


The pressure
will just
keep on

Won't it?



Chapter 4: Kid - WE'RE JUNIORS

this year. It's
only November, and I've already
looked at tons
and tons of colleges. My father
expects much
of me. Oh. We have a new
student, today.


He's albino—dark red eyes
and white hair.
And dammit, his hair is not
symmetrical; it's
styled in uneven white
spikes. Guess I'll
live. He has a tan, though.
Didn't know that
albinos could have tans.

Hi. I'm Solomon Evans.
Nice to meet
you all. His teeth are odd,
too. Genetic
defect, maybe? Dr. Stein
directs him
to sit with Maka and I, at
the same lab
table. He comes over, smiles.

Welcome. I smile as
he sits down on Maka's other
side. She scooches
over, closer to me. Solomon
observes her, and
tilts his head, She your girl?
Cute one. I laugh
nervously, No. Maka is just my
good friend.
smiles, I don't date. Too much

Solomon shakes his head.
What a shame.
A cute girl like you should
be dating a guy.

Maka shrugs, I
Don't have any interest.
And I'm not
lesbian either, so don't
chuckles, and reclines
in his chair.

You seem like a smart
girl. One such
as you deserves a guy.
He smirks as
she blushes. I feel my
hands tighten
on my pencil. I like
Maka, a lot.

But, a guy like me
doesn't fit
with a girl like her.
Besides, our
school has plenty
of cute goth
girls. I'll date them.

Kitten looks
happy, though, when
leans over
and murmurs to her.

Good. I'm glad
she'll be happy.

I think.


Chapter 5: Solomon - A NEW SCHOOL

and new friends.
Awesome. And
there are some
very cute guys
and girls in my
first class. The
two people the
teacher put me
with are lovely.

I'm bi. Have
a problem with
it, deal. I don't
tolerate it. I turn
to the adorable
boy sitting beside
me, What's your
I ask.

Aiden, but Maka
and my other
friends call me
Death the Kid.

God, he has odd
but pretty eyes.
I wonder what
could give one
that color of

I'm not yet
used to the
dry Nevada
air. I find it
a bit hard to
breathe. But
I'll be okay.

This is way
better than
being stuck
in California,
with all those
cheap, shallow
people. I'm glad
our family moved.
It's a nice change.

I'm Maka. The girl
pokes me in the back.
She seems pushy. Hm,
I like it. I smile back,
Nice to meet you.
smiles, too—it makes
her look even lovelier.

There's a party
tonight. Want
to come?
I grin.

Sure. I
love to.

I won't
have to
sneak out
this time.


Disclaimer: All original Soul Eater characters, story, and affiliated media are copyright (c) 2004 by Atsushi Ohkubo. Kashii Ai, Cassie Drey, and any associated names/companies in no way own the Soul Eater series.
Polyamorous Story copyright (c) 2010 by Kashii Ai, Cassie Drey, and any associated names/companies
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